The Florida Finishers Corp, Inc. is non-profit organization bringing together the combined associates of the Mid-West Florida, Orlando, and South Florida Branches of the AESF. 
We are dedicated to education for the future of finishing, and extend an invitation to join our efforts in providing informative and educational information for the finishing industries.
Our primary educational function is the annual Mid-Winter Conference, held in Orlando during the month of January.  All finishers from around the country are invited to attend.  Please click here for information regarding our upcoming event.
The Florida Finishers Corp is urgently seeking stories from all personnel involved with the metal finishing industry for our January 2015 Winter Conference program.  Our theme for 2015 is “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”.
Most all of us have heard stories, fact or fiction, over our years in this interesting industry. We all have stories about people, companies, events, discoveries, changes, etc., that we would like everyone to share. These can be in the form of written or printed documents, films, slides or simply voice recordings if someone just wants to “tell us the story” rather than having to put it into writing.
We are also trying to locate a copy of a film that was possibly made in the 1970’s. This film documents the great “history of electroplating”, a presentation that was made by Al Weisberg, then president of Technic.  He traveled, visited and documented people and places in Europe, complete with photos, of great historical significance to our industry. Al’s humorous delivery made this a wonderful and memorable talk given to AES/AESF branches from Florida (1974) to many other regions.
For our 2015 winter conference, we are trying to locate a copy of this film made during one of Al Weisberg’s famous presentations at one of these branch meetings. Anyone who has any information, please contact Dave Roach.
We are also asking everyone to consider sending stories to us for inclusion to our winter conference and possibly printing a binder for distribution. 
Our industry is important as is our history and we all need to work together to preserve and document.
Please send your contributions of stories to:
Dave Roach
2550 Dinnen Avenue
Orlando, Florida 32804
407-291-1023  work
407-234-9059  cell


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