2013 Mid-Winter Conference

The following are presentations from the 2013 Mid-Winter Conference in Orlando, Florida, sponsored by the Florida Finishers Corp, Inc.:

Latest Trends: EPA Criminal Penalties – Can It Happen To You?  –  Beth Gotthelf & Joe Richotte, Butzel Long

Enforcement Trends at EPA: Mietal Finishing & Affiliated Industries  –  Ethan Ware, McNair Law Firm

Surface Finishing Acitivities – Regulatory Drivers  –  Dr. Natasha Voevodin, University of Dayton Research Institute

Indium and Zinc Alloys as Cadmium Brush Plating Replacement  –  Dr. Elizabeth Berman, Air Force Research Laboratory

Hard Chromium Replacements for Non-Line-Of-Sight Landing Gear Applications  –  Dr. Melissa Klingenberg, Concurrent Technologies

NADCAP Update  –  Keith Eidschun, Freedom Metal Finishing

Recent Innovations to Increase Profitability of Electroless Nickel  –  Brad Durkin, Coventya, Inc.

Recent Advancements in Water Reclamation Technology  –  John Sutton, DMP Corporation

All Zinc/Nickel Alloys Are Not Created Equal  –  Matt Stauffer, Pavco, Inc.

Cleanliness Tests That Mean Business  –  Ed Kanegsberg & Barbara Kanegsberg, BFK Solutions

Advancements in Coating Thickness Measurements  –  Rob Weber, Fischer Technology, Inc.

Marketing Surface Quality and Cleanliness  –  Barbara Kanegsberg & Ed Kanegsberg, BFK Solutions

 Marketing Technology  –  Jean Marie Saidler, JMS Consultations, Inc.

The Angel and the Monster:  Sales and Marketing Lessons Learned From Mother Teresa and Lady Gaga  –  Rob Mason, Concurrent Technologies

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