2014 Mid-Winter Conference

The following are presentations from the 2014 Mid-Winter Conference in Orlando, Florida, sponsored by the Florida Finishers Corp, Inc.:

Advanced Metal Finishing Facility  –  Warner Robbins AFB, Georgia

Corrosion Testing Methods and Equipment  –  Matt Stauffer, Pavco

Solution Agitation – A Tool For Process Optimization  –  Angelo J Magrone, Serfilco

Black Electroless Nickel Deposits  –  Brad Durkin, Coventya

NASF Update  –  Jeff Hannapel

Ionic Liquids: Solvent Replacement in Cleaning Operations  –  M. Klingenberg, Ph.D., et al.

Meeting Emission and Housekeeping Requirements With Selective Stripping and Finishing  –  Keith Legg and Alan Rose, Corrdesa LLC

Process Quality  –  Harold F Acosta, Lockheed Martin

USAF Inorganic Finishing Activities  –  Elizabeth Berman, Ph.D., Air Force Research Laboratory, Materials & Manufacturing Directorate

Waste Water Operator Training  –  Jim Collins, Brenntag Mid-South, Inc.

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