Anolyte Cells Accommodate Variety of System Needs

Filtration and Separation Technology International (FAST) has expanded its anolyte cell product line for electrocoat paint stabilization with new HydroCells, which include specially designed “C,” flat and box-top cells.

Two different styles of C cells are available, both offering durable construction, a large effective area and easy membrane replacement. HydroCell F flat cells are designed for tanks with very little room, offering a large effective area, as well as durable construction with reduced weight and thickness. HydroCell T box-top cells are suited for systems with very little clearance between the top of the cell and the conveyor. They are said to offer the high quality of the company’s EDCell tubular anolyte cells with a closed-box-top design that minimizes the amount of space needed between the conveyor and the anolyte cell.

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