Water-based Shop Primer Inhibits Rust on Steel Surfaces

PPG’s Aquacron 834 is a water-based industrial shop primer designed to inhibit rust in steel applications. Its quick-dry formula uses water for reduction and clean-up.  With volatile organic compounds (VOCs) of only 2.8 lbs per gallon, the primer meets stringent environmental regulations while delivering robust protection in corrosive environments, the company says. It also provides […]

Acrylic Coating Provides Hard Finish for Extruded-Aluminum Products

Featuring a propriety resin system developed by Sherwin-Williams Coil and Extrusion Coatings, Valspar Corp.’s Acrylicoat acrylic coating is designed to deliver a smooth, glass-like, extremely hard finish on extruded-aluminum architectural products. The company says the coating is well-suited for high-traffic areas such as window and door frames, metal panels, column covers and other aluminum extrusions, […]

Pretreatment Leads to Water-break-free Plating Surfaces

Asterion provides customized soak, spray and electrocleaning process solutions designed for cost-effective and fast removal of soils and contaminants from steel, copper alloys, zinc die cast and other substrates. Featuring phosphate and phosphate-free cleaners, the non-chelated processes are said to impart water-break-free surfaces for subsequent plating. Suited for both rack and barrel operations, the pretreatment processes […]

Liquid Cold Plates Provide Cooling for High-Power Electronics

D6 Industries’ HydroTrak liquid cold plates are designed to better cool power electronics, including the delicate electronics of finishing equipment, to optimize their performance and protect their valuable electronic systems. The plates feature a custom tube profile designed for increased cooling surface area and heat conduction angles, improving heat-transfer dynamics. They can be customized to […]

Combination Wheels Boost Cutting, Grinding Productivity

Saint-Gobain Abrasives’ Norton Quantum3 (NQ3) line of depressed-center grinding wheels includes combination wheels designed for more efficient and faster cutting and grinding, resulting in increased productivity and longer wheel life. According to the company, the wheels enable users to finish more pieces in less time, and the need for wheel changes is reduced, resulting in decreased […]

Solution Removes Metalworking Oils, Inhibits Rust

KYZEN Corporation’s Metalnox M6324CP is a heavy-duty alkaline cleaner and inhibitor formulated to remove paraffinic oils used in a range of machining, stamping and deep-draw operations, and provide long-term protection from rust. The non-flammable, biodegradable aqueous solution can remove difficult soils including carbon smut and chlorinated oils, and provides effective steel corrosion protection for up […]

Balloon Masks Cover Difficult, Large Geometries

EPSI offers multiple balloon masks that enable operators to mask especially difficult or unusually large geometry. The five thin-walled, disposable silicone caps are designed to withstand typical finish-curing heat. They collectively stretch from ¾” to 17″ and will replace 30+ standard silicone caps, the company says. Powered by WPeMatico

Coating Enhances Zinc Protection on Galvanized Steel

Chemcoaters Inc. offers InterCoat ChemGuard, a coating designed to enhanced the effectiveness of zinc and provide improved corrosion protection on galvanized steel. According to the company, heavy zinc coatings have typically been used to protect metal from corrosion. The InterCoat technology is applied over a light layer of zinc and reacts with it to form […]