Death of Alan Lawley

Alan Lawley, Emeritus Professor, Drexel University, died on 17 October at the age of 84. The MPIF reports that Alan Lawley, Emeritus Professor, Drexel University, died on 17 October at the age of 84. A long-time friend and supporter of PM technology and the industry, Lawley made significant contributions to research and development in PM […]

Metaltech to become part of the Wallwork Group

Luke Collins of Wallwork Group and Dr Forster of Metaltech Ltd. Coating company Metaltech Ltd says it is is to join the Wallwork Group, which specializes in the thermal processing and coating of metals for the aerospace, automotive, medical device and precision engineering sectors. Metaltech was founded in 1981 and now has 22 staff serving […]

Programs available for PM shows

The MPIF says that it has published the preliminary programs for POWDERMET2018 and AMPM2018. POWDERMET2018: International Conference on Powder Metallurgy & Particulate Materials will be co-located with AMPM2018: Additive Manufacturing with Powder Metallurgy conference in San Antonio, Texas, USA, from 17–20 June 2018. The MPIF says that it has reduced registration fees due to the increased […]

NSF grant for PM conference

The Metal Powder Industries Federation (MPIF) report that for the second year in a row a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant will be provided to select students from US colleges and universities to attend its POWDERMET2018 and AMPM2018 conferences taking place in San Antonio, Texas, USA, from 17–20 June 2018. NSF Grant Awards will cover […]

Pump, Spray Gun Technology on Display

Carlisle Fluid Technologies will showcase products under the Binks, Ransburg and DeVilbiss finishing brands. Binks’ new air-operated DX200-3 is a 3:1-ratio, double-diaphragm pump suited for multiple spray gun, system and transfer applications. Ransburg’s new RansFlex direct-charge electrostatic applicator is compatible with waterborne-based materials, and its RansFlex manual spray gun features trigger technology that enables the […]

Mixing and Dosing System Includes Stroke Sensor Option

The 2K-Smart from Wagner Industrial Solutions is an electronically controlled and programmable plural-component dosing and mixing system that is equipped with flow meters or with optional stroke sensors. When outfitted with stroke sensors, the system monitors pump displacement, eliminating material contact and resulting in reduced wear and minimum cleaning costs. The system also can be […]

Entry-Level Automatic Spray Coating System on Display

The U.S. and Canadian subsidiaries of Germany’sVenjakob Maschinenbau GmbH Co. KG, Nutro Inc. and Venjakob North America, will demonstrate the Ven Spray Mini, an entry-level automatic spray coating system, as well as a coating solution consisting of a spray robot and a chain-on-edge conveyor system. The companies also will be introducing a new system that […]