Black Zinc Passivate Offers Enhanced Color and Cost Control

Columbia Chemical’s ColDip Midnight 1500 is a black trivalent passivate for zinc plating. The passivate works over acid chloride zinc (both ammoniated and nonammoniated systems), cyanide zinc, alkaline cyanide-free zinc and zinc-iron/cobalt alloy deposits.

This trivalent black process has a three-part system that allows for color control and provides a consistent black appearance.

“We have invested heavily in our research and development sector over the past few years,” says Brett Larick, president of Columbia Chemical. “We are pleased to be able to come to market with proven products that are solving the challenges of our customers and simplifying surface finishing as a whole.”

This black passivate adds to Columbia Chemical’s existing line of trivalent chromium-based passivates, which are hexavalent chromium-free and comply with current ELV, RoHS and REACH regulations. These products offer a trivalent passivation layer that is clear, blue, yellow, black or iridescent.