Brass Knuckle Spectrum Features Durable Anti-Fog Finish

Brass Knuckle Spectrum Features Durable Anti-Fog Finish

Photo Credit: Brass Knuckle

Brass Knuckle (Alpharetta, Ga.) aims to improve employee comfort and safety with its Spectrum eye protection, which combines a flexible fit with N-Fog anti-fog lens protection.

The N-Fog coating permanently bonds to the lens, with Brass Knuckle saying it is durable enough not to wear off or wash off. The company also says its anti-fog protection exceeds European EN 166/168 and lasts 15 times longer. The N-Fog coating is also compatible with anti-scratch, anti-static and UV-protection coatings.

Spectrum features bowed, super-flex rubber temples that ratchet for custom fit. They touch the wearer only behind the ears, eliminating pressure points to improve comfort. The second-generation PivotEase nosepiece also slides up and down and pivots on a hinge to promote a secure fit.

Brass Knuckle’s Spectrum line also uses different lens and temple colors to to indicate suitability for different environments. The company’s clear lens facilitates maximum light transmission without changing or distorting vision or colors. Its smoke lens provides allover tint for normal outdoor conditions. An amber lens sharpens contrast, provides greater clarity in low-light conditions and filters out blue light from computer screens and other electronic devices. Brass Knuckle also offers two mirror lens finishes, but notes that these do not include N-Fog technology.

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