Chromic Acid Anodizing Masking Tape Replaces Liquid Masking


Source | CFS

Custom Fabricating & Supplies (Franklin, Wisc., U.S.) has announced it is a Preferred Converter of 3M Corp.’s 8985L Anodization Masking Tape. The tape is specifically designed to withstand the harsh chemicals used during chromic acid anodizing (CAA) replacing the complex, messy liquid masking and the unpleasant odors involved. It features a non-silicone rubber adhesive to minimize the risk of silicone contamination impacting downstream processes such as bonding or paint adhesion. Supplied on a liner, it can easily be die-cut for faster masking — eliminating hand trimming.

The transparency of the tape makes it easy to position and can be applied in fewer steps. 8985L Anodization Masking Tape also eliminates the cure time of a liquid so that overall masking and de-masking can be accomplished up to five times faster. Ease of application and clean, one-piece removal mean users could save up to 60% on labor time and associated costs.

While it is possible for most companies to purchase and convert 3M products, only a few are selected by the 3M Corp. as Preferred Converters. 

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