Cloud-Based Proportioner Optimizes Hand-Spray Operations

Cloud-Based Proportioner Optimizes Hand-Spray Operations

Cloud-Based Proportioner Optimizes Hand-Spray Operations

Photo Credit: Carlisle Fluid Technologies

Carlisle Fluid Technologies, a global company which manufactures equipment for the supply, application and curing of sprayed materials, has launched the new Ransburg IntelliFlow RM2 entry-level electronic plural-component proportioner. The company’s IntelliFlow platform of products is said to provide intuitive, accurate, connected proportioning solutions.

The RM2 is designed to minimize waste and maximize consistency for a wide range of hand-spray applications while offering optimized performance and connectivity. The product’s key features include a 10″ full-color touchscreen with a user-friendly interface, dynamic mixing to reduce coating and solvent waste as well as up to seven colors with programmable flushing per color.

In addition to its intuitive touchscreen, the RM2 features cloud-based connectivity, which enables operators to monitor the machine remotely and diagnose issues in real time. Data can be tracked and exported for process improvements and volatile organic compound (VOC) reporting. The IntelliFlow RM2 also features a standard air-solvent chop that is said to reduce solvent use by up to 65%. The RM2 does not require an integrator, which Carlisle says reduces both maintenance and waste.

All turn-key configurations include the 10″ touchscreen, two-gun capability, solvent and air-chop valves on a color stack, a catalyst metering pump, a dynamic mix block, air connection bulkheads, wall-mounting hardware and a high-resolution gear flowmeter. The flowmeter enables operators to ensure that they are using the correct amount of solvent, helping them track usage for consistency and automate VOC reporting.

On integrating automation into finishing processes, Jacob Fortmeyer, a global product manager for Carlisle Fluid Technologies, says, “A lot of that what we focus on is process optimization. I think where you see automation going is actually how do we keep this process in its optimum state all the time.” For many, automation brings to mind images of robots and complex, full-suite changes to operations, but finishers can benefit from adopting simpler forms of automation into their processes.

According to Carlisle Fluid Technologies, the IntelliFlow RM2 can save finishing operations over $50,000 per year when switched over from hot-potting. Fortmeyer says, “The cost of hot-potting can add up when considering wasted material, wasted solvent, wasted time spent mixing, product re-work and quality issues due to off-ratio mixing. Our new electronic IntelliFlow RM2 can pay for itself in less than six months based on these savings.”

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