Conversion Coatings Optimized for Aluminum Anodizing

Henkel’s Bonderite is for degreasing, etching and hot or cold sealing in the aluminum anodizing process.

Bonderite C AK 62115 is a non-etching, one-component degreaser, which is said to be a long-life etching additive for outstanding E6 finish, and a high-productivity hot sealing as well as a nickel-free cold sealing additive. It was developed for brightened or high-gloss aesthetic parts that can’t be etched for anodizing. According to the company, it simplifies product handling versus conventional two-component alternatives, and is reliable in removing residual brushing paste from the part surface.

Bonderite C AK 62250 can be custom tailored to combine the required high etching and finishing levels with excellent bath stability, including reduced dragout and no foaming. The company says this also makes it an economic compromise between caustic soda and other long-life etching products.


Bonderite technologies were developed for three key steps of aluminum anodizing.



Henke’s Bonderite M ED 11011 is a hot sealing additive. According to the company, it was developed to at least double the standard life span of sealed parts and increase the productivity of single-step hot sealing by a minimum of 20%. It is said that hot sealing with this product takes exactly 3 min/μm, fixed, as a standard sealing time. By reducing the makeup of the bath by 50% or more, the solution also results in a smaller CO2 footprint and substantial cost savings per square meter of hot sealed material.

According to the company, Bonderite M ED 11150/11151 is designed for cold sealing for anodized aluminum and is completely nickel-free, without compromising process time or sealing quality, and is also QUALANOD approved.