Cortec Releases New Rust Preventative

Cortec Releases New Rust Preventative

Cortec Releases New Rust Preventative

Photo Credit: Cortec

Cortec has introduced a new rust preventative (RP) that offers corrosion protection with an improved user experience. VpCI-330 is designed to be easy to spray onto metal parts using a handheld trigger spray bottle or common spray equipment. The product leaves a light protective film that is detectable but does not alter the appearance of the metal surface. 

VpCI-330 is clear, ready-to-use, low-viscosity, and designed for protection of metals in indoor and outdoor sheltered conditions. It is designed to perform effectively even under the adverse conditions of 100% relative humidity and in the presence of corrosive species such as chlorides. VpCI-330 can provide universal corrosion protection to ferrous metals and is compatible with yellow metals.

The VpCI-330 can be used as an all-purpose rust preventative for products including gears, spindles, coils, hinges, flanges, and nuts and bolts.

Other workplace features are that it is non-flammable and does not contain chromates, nitrites, phosphates, secondary amines, or OSHA hazardous components. 

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