The 2022 Florida Finishers Corp, Inc. Mid-Winter Conference and Exposition is fully operational and believes the program will continue without interruption do to any Covid 19 complications and will comply with the State of Florida guidelines regarding wearing of Mask or Social Distancing due to COVID-19 in public or private areas. The venue, St. Petersburg Clearwater Marriott does not have mandatory COVID-19 policy except for their restaurant and service employees and staff.

The 2022 Florida Finishers Corp. Inc. Event Board encourages the wearing masks and social distancing while in the meeting room and adjoining areas. We will make every effort to arrange the conference meeting room tables and seating to provide social distancing and comfort during the presentations.

We trust you will use the best judgement for both yourself and consideration of others during the 2022 Florida Finishers Corp. Inc. event.


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