Customizable Line Vacs Upgrade Existing Systems

Exair Line Vac Air Operated Conveyor

Photo Credit: Exair

Exair Corporation’s (Cincinnati, Ohio) Line Vac Air Operated Conveyors are designed to provide an efficient method of converting ordinary pipe, hose or tubes into powerful in-line conveyors. To accommodate the wide variety of unique problems manufacturers face, Exair customizes and tailors Line Vacs to different specifications. Certain processes may require customizations like unique sizes, shapes and materials in order for the product to be a perfect fit for their system. Exair says it will work in collaboration with the customer to fabricate the best possible Line Vac solution for easy and efficient conveyance.

For customers with space limitations, smaller sizes can be created while still offering the same quality of conveyance. In situations where the Line Vac requires a specific flange mounting option, Exair can also accommodate. Locations requiring custom mounting holes, brackets or inlet positions are possible. For applications where stock aluminum, 303- or 316-stainless steel won’t work, alternate materials like PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride), OVC or PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) can be utilized. Even in extreme environments, Exair can produce both heavy-duty or high-temperature iterations to handle tough material or conditions. Other details like the customer’s particular hose size, or pipe threading are specifications that Exair says it can accommodate.

Stock Line Vac models include standard, heavy duty, high temperature, light duty and sanitary flange. All versions can be customized to the customer’s specific needs. Exair’s application engineers are available to help solve any specific conveyance problems.

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