<div>Daubert Cromwell's ClearPak 5000 Film Inhibits Corrosion</div>

Daubert Cromwell’s ClearPak 5000 Film Inhibits Corrosion

<div>Daubert Cromwell's ClearPak 5000 Film Inhibits Corrosion</div>

Photo Credit: Daubert Cromwell

Daubert Cromwell’s (Alsip, Ill.) ClearPak 5000 poly (CP5000) is a packaging film for protecting aluminum, steel and other metals during storage and transit. The company says CP5000 has met international standards and customer expectations as a safe and effective corrosion-inhibitor material.

The film has passed both the TL8135-0034 and NACE TM0208 tests with the highest possible grade, met TRGS 615 and 900 standards, achieved RoHS compliance and gained REACHregistered approval to allow metalworking companies to use it when importing finished goods into the European Union.

Daubert Cromwell says field performance test results show CP5000 film effectively prevents rust and discoloration on properly packaged steel, copper and aluminum alloys. The flexible, transparent poly — identifiable from its shade of Daubert blue — often serves as a bin liner for automotive parts and other fabricated metals.

In addition to its technical efficacy, CP5000 meets criteria as an environmentally friendly film that is safe for use in the workplace. The bio-based, nitrite-free product is non-toxic, easy to handle and fully recyclable.

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