Dürr EcoDose 3K Offers Minimal-Maintenance Paint Mixer

Dürr EcoDose 3K Offers Minimal-Maintenance Paint Mixer

Dürr EcoDose 3K Offers Minimal-Maintenance Paint Mixer

Photo Credit: Dürr

With the EcoDose 3K, Dürr (Southfield, Mich.) is debuting a paint-mixing solution for three-component fluids based on its two-component injection technology. The company says its mixing system boasts high precision, long service life, simple maintenance and smart functions.

The EcoDose 3K adds a color changer, measuring cell and mixer to Dürr’s two-component inline injection system. The enhanced controller automatically meters, merges and mixes all three components by monitoring the first component’s continuous flow with a measuring cell. Other measurement cells meter the other components to the desired mixing ratio by opening and closing valves.

Particular precision is needed for the third component, which often has very low viscosity and makes up only a small proportion of the final paint. To efficiently measure low viscosities, the EcoDose 3K uses Coriolis measuring cells. These measuring cells are maintenance-free, offer high measurement accuracy and provide additional measurement functions for density and temperature.

Despite the high switching frequency of 5 Hz, Dürr says the valves it launched three years ago from the first series are still in operation, and have successfully completed over 10 million switching cycles without any maintenance.

In the event of minor leaks during normal operation, the valve design ensures fluids cannot get into the valve’s pilot air piston or cause undesired reactions with the air moisture. If maintenance is ever required, Dürr says valve replacement is as simple as undoing four screws.

The EcoDose 3K includes a 7-inch color touchscreen that operates similarly to Dürr’s other controller-based products. The standard delivery contents also include an Ethernet communication interface that integrates into the controller landscape. Additionally, the mixing system’s functions minimize detergent consumption and fluid loss, reducing the time required for rinsing and loading a new medium.

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