Electroplating – A Historical Collection

A wonderful collection of historic articles, photos and stories collected and assembled by Dave Roach, owner of Peninsula Plating in Orlando, FL.  We are offering this book as a gift for a $10 donation to our organization.

Introduction from the book:

It is important to preserve our history, both for those of us who have lived it and for those who will come after us. Covering objects with metallic coatings can be found back many centuries before our present times. However, it was only after the invention of the Voltaic Pile, that a source of direct current was widely available to advance the process.

When Faraday paved the way for the dynamo, forerunner of the generator, he set the stage for what has become our industry today.  In the late 1800’s and even into early 1900’s, plating was the “art of finishing and coloring of metals”, used basically for jewelry, house wares and clothing adornments.

Then, scientific brains began to investigate, develop chemistries, many still in use today in almost the same form that plating began to grow into what became a high production industry.  Our forms of transportation… trains, automobiles and airplanes and space vehicles, depend on our industry to perform.

It is hoped that this collection of history and stories will be added to by everyone in this industry, allowing capture and preservation of the rich stories of our past and grow for all to enjoy.


This book is 241 pages packed full of useful and entertaining information.  It is available 4 formats: PDF, epub, mobi, and azw3. There is a version compatible with any eReader or computer.


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