Expanded XRF Analyzer Features High-Resolution Detector

Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science has expanded the capabilities of its X-Strata 920 X-ray fluorescence coatings analyzer to include a new high-resolution detector and a sample stage configuration. The device is designed to ensure that coatings meet required specifications, and to minimize waste from excess coating or scrapping of under-plated material.

The instrument can be customized with options for the high-resolution silicon drift detector (SDD) or a proportional counter. In addition, it now has four chamber and base configurations to handle a large selection of sample shapes and sizes, including complex geometries like those common to the automotive industry.
According to the company, an SDD can offer advantages over a proportional counter for complex coating structures, as it can more easily analyze elements that have similar XRF characteristics, such as nickel and copper. This extends the range of elements that can be analyzed to include phosphorus (critical for electroless nickel analysis) and can more precisely measure thin coatings such as gold in the nanometer range, the company says.

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