Graco Offers HydroShield Waterborne System

Graco WaterShield Finishing System

Graco Inc. (Minneapolis, Minn.), a fluid handling equipment manufacturer, released the HydroShield Waterborne System. The finishing system uses electrostatics to spray waterborne material.

The HydroShield batch system, the first installment of the product line, is designed to use Pro Xp WB air spray and air-assist electrostatic spray guns to spray waterborne material.

According to Graco, the batch isolation system has the following features:

Refill without system shutdown: When the painter releases the spray gun trigger, the internal isolation pump refills itself from a supply source. The automatic refill feature also reduces the need to open the isolation cabinet, reducing operator interaction.

Operator control: The controller interface allows users to select spray functions, stay informed of system status and set a maintenance schedule. 

Transfer efficiency: Using electrostatics to spray waterborne material is said to enable more paint to land on each part.

Market-tested components: The HydroShield system is comprised of Pro Xp WB guns, isolation pump, controller interface and other parts that have been used in the marketplace for years.

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