Graphene Nanotubes Add Conductivity to Powder Coatings

Graphene Nanotubes Add Conductivity to Powder Coatings

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Photo Credit: OCSiAl

Erie Powder Coatings (Grassie, Ontario, Canada) has developed a variety of new powder coatings using OCSiAl’s (Columbus, Ohio) TUBALL graphene nanotubes. The new formulations are specially designed for electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) applications. The new products demonstrate both conductive and static dissipative properties with resistance ranging from 103 Ω/sq to 109 Ω/sq.  In addition, the products combine the targeted conductivity with aesthetic performance in a variety of surface textures and colors. The solution is being recognized for its excellent price-per-performance ratio, along with graphene nanotubes’ superior environmental compliance and the full range of properties they enable in coatings.

According to OCSiAl, graphene nanotube concentrates are introduced at the premixing stage. Standard powder coating production extrusion technology is used to incorporate the nanotubes with no special adaptation. Thanks to their unique morphology, nanotubes build a uniform conductive, reinforcing network inside material with no increase in melt viscosity. The unmatched ultra-low working dosage allows producers to expand the range of product colors and gives greater flexibility in the final formulation.

Compatible with most engineering plastics and metal substrates, sprayable electrically conductive powder coatings with graphene nanotubes are useful in electrostatic sensitive applications in ATEX hazardous environments, instrumentation, medical, marine, aviation, and defense industries.

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