Graphene nanotubes in Turkey

OCSiAl, which makes graphene nanotubes, has appointed Hayim Pinhas AS as its new Turkish distributor.

According to the company, Hayim Pinhas AS has been operating in the Turkish composites market for over 50 years. Graphene nanotubes provide a full range of resistance values and do not require changes to the manufacturing process for coatings or composites, which are widely used in Turkey’s industries today, according to OCSiAl.

The partnership will reportedly focus on powder and industrial coatings. OCSiAl says that even a low working dosage (0.02–0.05 wt%) of graphene can add color to products and greater flexibility in the final formulation. As well as this, glass fiber mold coatings used in the automotive industry can also benefit from adding nanotubes.

‘Turkish industry pays great attention to the questions of production efficiency and safety,’ said Andrew Dubrovskiy, technical sales manager at OCSiAl. ‘Our solutions significantly reduce the risk of industrial accidents related to static electricity accumulation during demolding, simplify the existing process, and allow manufacturers to reduce costs.’

This story uses material from OCSiAl, with editorial changes made by Materials Today. The views expressed in this article do not necessarily represent those of Elsevier.

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