Greenkote Announces New G5k Anti-corrosion Coating

Greenkote Announces New G5k Anti-corrosion Coating

Photo Credit: Greenkote

Greenkote (Querétaro, Mexico), a provider of anti-corrosion metal coatings, has announced an advance in its line of corrosion protection. The new Greenkote G5k coating is stated to deliver a minimum of 5000 hours of corrosion protection in salt spray testing for metals, enabling it to meet ASTM Specification B117. 

The company states that Greenkote also eliminates the introduction of hydrogen embrittlement, which is an intrinsic problem with many traditional anti-corrosion coatings. The Greenkote coating process is also designed to not use any hazardous chemicals or produce any toxic byproducts. Greenkote coatings can be applied to a broad range of metal parts, from threaded fasteners to stamped and cast pieces, in sizes from 0.2 to 78 inches.

The ASTM Specification B117 is an industry-standard for accelerated testing of the corrosion resistance of metals and coated metals in a salt-spray corrosive environment over time.

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