Hoists Allow Flexibility in Low-Volume Applications

Therma-Tron-X, Inc. programmed hoists are designed for maximum flexibility in low volumes, suited for customers who want to plan for every possibility but are not so concerned with high production or maximum efficiency. The hoists feature heavy-duty construction, variable-speed drives, digital locating systems and full automation. Programmable logic controllers with human machine interfaces make it easy to monitor every aspect of a system, the company says. In addition, the hoists can connect with other plant processes to streamline production.

The hoists are suitable for anodizing; bulk, rack or barrel electrocoating; dip coating (e-coating, liquid paint, fluidized powder); conversion coating; and parts cleaning. Available features include wireless control, absolute digital positioning, no festoons, laser tracking, tilting and rotation capabilities, in-house programing and support, and diagnostic services via VPN.

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