Horizontal-Airflow Cabinet Oven Used for Heat Treating

Grieve’s No. 1045 is a 1,250°F (677°C) horizontal-airflow cabinet oven currently used for heat treating. Workspace dimensions are 38″ × 38″ × 38″, and 350,000 Btu/hr. are installed in a modulating natural gas burner, while a 2,000-cfm, 2-hp recirculating blower provides horizontal airflow to the workload.
This oven features 12″ insulated walls comprised of 2″ of 2,300°F ceramic blanket and 10″ of 10-lb./cf rockwool. It also has an aluminized steel exterior, 16-guage stainless steel interior and 325-cfm-powered forced exhauster, as well as inner and outer door gaskets, inner gasket seals directly against the door plug, and outer gasket seals directly against the front face of the oven. Controls include a digital indicating temperature controller.

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