Hubbard-Hall: Using Technology to Improve Cost, Chemical Consumption and Quality

Hubbard-Hall’s Aquaease Infinity is a cleaner and membrane technology that reclaims 98% of the cleaning chemistry used. In addition to being an effective cleaner, this prolongs bath life indefinitely — reducing defects and rework.   

As used cleaner passes through the membrane system, it separates cleanly from soils, and the good cleaner components fully pass through the membrane pores while the oils and soils are trapped inside. The reclaimed full-strength cleaner returns to the cleaning process, as fresh, full-strength product.

The membrane’s durability is well-suited to the rigors of manufacturing, its stainless-steel construction is not susceptible to damage when handling and has an operating range of 0 to 14pH and 0ºF to 200ºF.  Not only can the membranes be used to recycle a variety of industrial aqueous cleaning solutions, but they can also be used for wastewater treatment applications.

 “Hubbard-Hall is on a mission to help customers get better results with less chemistry. The Aquaease Infinity platform accelerates progress towards the goal while reducing cost for our customers,” stated Molly Kellogg; President/CEO. 

Hubbard-Hall has chemistry for aqueous and solvent cleaning, metal finishing (such as rust prevention and coloring) as well as wastewater treatment. 

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