<div>IFS Coatings' Pureflex Fastcure Cures Rebar Faster, Cooler</div>

IFS Coatings’ Pureflex Fastcure Cures Rebar Faster, Cooler

<div>IFS Coatings' Pureflex Fastcure Cures Rebar Faster, Cooler</div>

IFS Coatings (Gainesville, Texas) has launched Pureflex Fastcure, a fusion-bonded epoxy (FBE) powder coating for rebar that cures more quickly and at lower temperatures than standard formulations. IFS Pureflex Fastcure is a flexible, corrosion-resistant, single-coat, thermosetting FBE powder with built-in rapid reactivity, which allows coaters to enjoy increased line speeds or the energy savings from lower oven temperatures.  

PureFlex Fastcure will gel in 2-3 seconds and cure in only 12-15 seconds, depending on the temperature of the incoming bar. This rapid cure is achieved while maintaining the technical qualities of Pureflex powder, as well as cobwebbing resistance and the benefits associated with an expanded application window for preheat and gun settings.

“Pureflex Fastcure has been manufactured for coaters looking for significant improvements in throughput as well as the protection and functionality that Pureflex FBE delivers,” says Rob Phillippi, IFS Coatings Pureflex director. “Tested to ensure excellent corrosion resistance, flexibility and chemical resistance, Pureflex Fastcure also delivers outstanding durability and flow for film consistency. The Fastcure mechanism means coaters will enjoy exceptional efficiencies — we have seen application temperatures as low as 400°F while maintaining an excellent appearance, and most importantly, the physical properties of the coating.”

In short, IFS Coatings says its Pureflex FBE provides the corrosion protection, flexibility and adhesion properties required to extend the service life of steel reinforcement bars, dowel bars and related accessories. 

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