Iron-base powders for critical applications

Italy PM company Mimete Srl has launched two new iron-based powders: standard Duplex MARS F51 and Super-duplex MARS F53.

According to the company, the powders are suitable for parts in oil and gas, power generation and aerospace applications.

They can also be used in a range of additive processes, coating and hot isostatic pressing (HIPping).

While duplex steel F51 has a relatively high content of Cr, Mo and Ni and generates better performing mechanical properties when compared to austenitic stainless steel, F53 is a highly alloyed duplex steel, has a much higher corrosion resistance, which makes it suitable for highly critical atmospheres and environments, Mimete says.

‘We believe that the opportunity to offer metal alloy powders with which customers are used to working should make the introduction of additive manufacturing easier in highly demanding industries,’ said Andrea Tarabiono, Mimete MD.

This story uses material from Mimete, with editorial changes made by Materials Today. The views expressed in this article do not necessarily represent those of Elsevier.

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