<div>MicroCare's Stereze Product Line Receives FDA Registration</div>

MicroCare’s Stereze Product Line Receives FDA Registration

<div>MicroCare's Stereze Product Line Receives FDA Registration</div>

Photo Credit: MicroCare

MicroCare LLC’s Stereze Hand Sanitizer Wipes, Gel and Spray have received registration from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). MicroCare launched these sanitizers in late 2020 to support hand hygiene at work and at home.

“We are delighted to have received formal confirmation from the US FDA for the registration of our product monographs for Stereze Hand Sanitizers,” says Emily Peck, MicroCare senior chemist. “Since launching the products in November 2020, we have received high demand from businesses looking to keep their employees safe and enhance hand hygiene practices within the workplace. FDA registration is an important step for MicroCare LLC and will give customers the added confidence that Stereze Hand Sanitizers are safe, have been produced to the highest standards and are a highly-effective solution for hand sanitization.”

FDA-registered Stereze Hand Sanitizers are available in multiple form factors, with spray, gel and wipe options. MicroCare produces all forms of the Stereze Hand Sanitizer using a high-purity alcohol-based fluid.

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