Modular, Automated Immersion Cleaning System

Modular, Automated Immersion Cleaning System

Photo Credit: Cleaning Technologies Group

Ransohoff, a division of the Cleaning Technologies Group (Cincinnati, Ohio), has introduced a new modular automated cleaning system. The RBS Modular System is an automated immersion cleaning system that can be expanded as needed to meet the user’s process requirements. The RBS Modular System is a dedicated inline process that reportedly includes a wash, rinse, ultrasonic wash, ultrasonic rinse, heated blow off and a final vacuum drying system. This system is set up to process parts in a basket or on a fixture. The RBS Modular System can handle parts up to 1100 lbs (500kg) and can do up to 15 cycles per hour.

The RBS Modular System cleans using a washing and rinsing process of agitation, spray impingement, hydraulic purging through immersion and rotation, ultrasonics and heated blow-off drying. The “triple action” batch cleaning process was developed specifically to process a broad range of challenging parts, especially those with internal bores and passages and complex geometries, making this system capable of meeting critical cleaning expectations.

The Modular RBS System features the latest Siemens programmable controller and operator interface screen. This controls platform boosts system flexibility for automation integration, process control and data logging while offering an intuitive user interface. The RBS Modular System comes standard with a leading 3-2-1 warranty.

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