Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Salt Remover

The Paul N. Gardner Company is a worldwide distributor, producer and designer of quality physical and inspection instruments for the paint, coatings and related industries. The company introduces Chlor Wash, a multi-purpose cleaner and salt remover that is used to reduce buildup of dirt and salt, which could cause corrosion. This maintenance wash solution is an organic bonding chemical blend which aids in the removal of road films, dirt and chloride, sulfate and nitrate salts. These soluble salts pull moisture from the air, causing protective coatings to fail. They can also be the cause of degradation of the substrate. Lost productivity from protective coating failures is costly and can be hazardous, and alternative methods are not as cost effective. Other methods require heat or use of hazardous chemicals, while some methods may leave residues that interfere with the adhesion of the protective coating, thus contributing to coating failure.

Chlor Wash multi-purpose cleaner and salt remover is recommended for use anywhere that dirt and salts need to be removed as a maintenance wash. Commonly used on buildings, bridges, trucks and trailers, boats, piping, concrete and masonry.

The product is specially formulated to wash all surfaces of salt and dirt, and it is said to provide maximum performance while still being environmentally safe. It is biodegradable, free of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and is non-flammable. The company says it is non-hazardous, leaves no residue and is suitable for bridges, boats, trucks, trailers, piping, salt spreaders, buildings or anywhere that dirt and salts need to be removed.

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