New Airless Pumps Provide Pressure Stability

New Airless Pumps Provide Pressure Stability

New Airless Pumps Provide Pressure Stability

Sames Kremlin’s Azur paint pump range provides pressure stability and broad suction power, while reducing downtime and minimizing noise. 
Photo Credit: Sames Kremlin 

Sames Kremlin (Plymouth, Mich.) recently announced its new Azur Airless protective coatings pumps and packages aimed at Airless markets including metal framework, GPL tank, yachting, big shot blasting and painting workshops, anti-fouling applications in marine markets, fire protection and oil and gas applications. The Azur paint pump range for spraying protective coatings provides pressure stability and broad suction power, while also reducing downtime and minimizing noise. The pump range is available in two versions:

  • 52C225, with a pressure ratio of 52/1
  • 72C160, with a pressure ratio of 72/1

Consistent film build

Azur pumps offer improved atomization with a pulsation-free air motor that ensures stable fluid delivery to achieve consistent film build. The air motor’s balanced piston surfaces allow identical material pressure in both directions, enabling equal paint pressure on the upstroke and downstroke for constant flowrate at the gun. When used with Sames Kremlin’s SFlow spray gun, the company says the pump substantially reduces paint consumption and overspray. The SFlow spray gun is also embedded with dual-diffuser technology for improved paint finish quality, minimizing rework.

Reduced downtime

The company says Azur pumps allow for operation in harsh and extreme conditions with minimized icing potential. With a reduced number of components, Azur pumps also offer easy access to upper seals and are designed for easy job site maintenance and quick color changes.

Attention to detail

Sames Kremlin says its Azur pumps have the quietest air motor on the market. A soft trigger pull for less finger fatigue and 360-degree swivel fitting also enhance the gun ergonomics and maneuverability to maximize the operator’s comfort.

Sames Kremlin, which is celebrating 40 years in North America and 95 years worldwide, manufactures paint spray guns, rotary electrostatic bell atomizers, fluid dispense and mixing systems, turnkey automotive robotic systems and industrial solutions.