Nordson Investing in Powder Coating Next Generation Hardware, Controls and Value-Added Services.

Manufacturers have an increasing need for robust solutions that accelerate continuous improvements along the value chain, which is why Nordson Industrial Coating Systems is investing in next generation hardware, controls, digital solutions and value-added services.

“We are leveraging our strengths as an engineered solutions provider to help our customers harness technology to improve critical functions across the manufacturing value chain,” says Stephen Lovass, Nordson executive vice president.

Many of the visitors to Nordson’s FABTECH booth got their first look at the newly released Encore nLighten, a safety-approved accessory that adds LED light to the capabilities of the Encore manual spray gun. nLighten is designed to reduce rework, decrease the material waste and eliminates the use of un-rated flashlights and other light sources that can create hazards for employees in a powder-spraying environment.

Lovass says that 42 percent of customers surveyed claimed light paint coverage as their biggest cause for rejects and rework.

“The powerful light beam projected from the simple LED unit effectively highlights deep recesses and cavities, so that any imperfections or missed areas are quickly identified and addressed by the operator on the fly,” he says.

Also essential in manufacturers’ demands for higher performance is the ability to connect products and process equipment data using Internet of Things/Industry 4.0 standards. Lovass says Nordson’s new Digital Solutions Platform is central to the company’s vision for next generation products, solutions and services that give customers connectivity “anywhere, anytime”. With capabilities for product data, monitoring, maintenance and machine learning, he says Nordson can deliver more robust services and increased product functionality for customers.

The first major component launching under the platform is the company’s new Parts Ordering App (POA). Lovass says maintenance and engineering teams will have detailed access to replacement parts and image views through mobile smart devices such as a phone or tablet.

“It’s why in addition to the POA, the newly expanded Nordson University in Amherst, Ohio is using machine data to structure industry-leading education, testing and development services for customers, their engineering teams and their workforce,” he says. “This will be achieved through hands-on training, simulated advanced factory environments, skill-building in preventative maintenance and troubleshooting, and advanced analytics to improve quality, process optimization and accelerated new product development.”

Nordson University is a two-day workshop that allows customers to learn the fundamentals of powder coating while receiving hands-on experience with Nordson powder coating machinery.

“Our lab and training capabilities have set us apart from our competitors in the industry,” says Greg Dawson, Nordson’s senior sales manager,. “Customers get the opportunity to test our technology prior to making a purchase, and get a personalized, hands-on experience in our lab where we help them optimize their powder coating process.”

Lovass says the equipment labs that are placed outside the classroom doors, and the booths, ovens and conveyors are conveniently right there, making it ideal for customers’ new product development work.

“Workforce training and retention is a big challenge for customers in a tight U.S. labor market,” he says. “That’s why as an American manufacturer, we’ve invested millions in new development labs and technology demonstration centers here in Amherst, as well as in Wixom, Michigan. Customers can more effectively teach and retain the next generation of skilled workers.”





Primary cell type: uses two 1.5 V “AA” Alkaline (ANSI-15A, IEC-LR6) batteries

Ambient temperature rating: +15 to +40° C (59 to 104° F)

Max. relative humidity: 5% non-condensing

Hazardous location rating for light: Rated for use in all powder coating environments

Dust ingress protection: IP6X

LED Output: application mode 33 lumens (1195 lux); Inspection mode 65 lumens (2313 lux)


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