Norton Saint-Gobain Debuts Farécla Polishing Compounds

Norton Saint-Gobain Debuts Farécla Polishing Compounds

Norton Saint-Gobain Debuts Farécla Polishing Compounds

Photo Credit: Norton Saint-Gobain

Norton Saint-Gobain Abrasives (Worchester, Maine) has introduced its Farécla (Olyphant, Pa.) line of polishing compounds and surface finishing products for OEM automotive assembly, marine, woodworking, composite manufacturing and other industrial applications. Norton Saint-Gobain Abrasives purchased Farécla in 2018 to complement its abrasive products and markets.

“Since 1952, Farécla has been making compounds,” says Craig Chaffee, Norton Saint-Gobain Abrasives product manager. “The name is a combination of two French words meaning ‘shining’ and ‘bright’ – both are characteristics customers can expect from Farécla compounds.”

The products come in three tiers of effectiveness. The Farécla Profile Advanced Plus Liquid Compound offers the highest level of cut and gloss for painted surfaces and wood lacquers. Its new abrasive technology permanently removes sanding marks up to P1500. The Profile Advanced second-tier offering removes scratch patterns to P1500 and produces finer finishes with twisted wool pads. Norton Saint-Gobain recommends it for clearcoats, polyurethane lacquers and painted surfaces. It also recommends Profile Select, the third-tier offering, for OEM marine and composite applications as a cutting compound, removing sanding marks up to P800 and finer.

Profile Finish Liquid Compound is a low-viscosity, economical finishing solution that Norton Saint-Gobain designed to remove swirls and holograms, enhancing color for a high-shine finish. It also designed its Farécla Profile Polymer Wax for a high-gloss finish with excellent evenness and transparency on dark colors.

Most of the compounds are available in liter and gallon containers, with Advanced Plus and Profile Select also offered in up to five-gallon containers.

A full complementary line of back-up pads is available in flat, dimple and waffle faces and densities. Each type produces different results, improving the application process and final shine. Both three-inch and eight-inch foam pads are industry standards, and a wool option can improve the cut on certain compounds.

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