One-Coat Protection for Offshore Wind Turbines

One-Coat Protection for Offshore Wind Turbines

One-Coat Protection for Offshore Wind Turbines

Photo Credit: Acotec.

Acotec (Aalst, Belgium), a specialist in anti-corrosive coatings, has launched Humidur WF22, a one-layer protection coating for the wind farm industry.

Based on Acotec’s sustainable all-weather offshore coating technology, Humidur WF22 is designed to deliver durable protection against aggressive humidity and seawater exposure. Humidur WF22 shields the steel from UV radiation and light reflections from the weather and sea, and it also protects the transition piece (TP) that is subject to splashes on the high tidal zone where the structure endures mechanical impacts and waves. According to the company, Humidur has been proven to function on the complete structure over several decades and offers over 35 years of protection in highly corrosive environments.

Acotec designed Humidur WF22 to be a cost-efficient solution. It is a one-coat system (no primer needed), which reduces application time, labor costs and the level of waste. Humidur WF22 also is said to minimize the levelized production cost (LPC) and increase the economic lifetime of wind farm projects.

Furthermore, Humidur WF22 has reportedly been proven to cure under water, even at freezing temperatures, meaning the structure may be submerged immediately after application. WF22 is made completely from solids, meaning it contains no solvents, heavy metals, coal tar, isocyanates, volatile organic compounds nor TBTs. Leaving no detrimental effect on the sediment, fauna and flora in and out of the water, Humidur WF22 cures under water without leaching.

Humidur WF22 is available in three options: full protection, top coat and quick repair.

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