One-Step Metal Surface Preparation, Pretreatment

One-Step Metal Surface Preparation, Pretreatment

Metal surface preparations and pretreatments are important considerations for any finishing operation, and these processes often consist of a number of steps and chemistries to get the metal surface ready for powder coating, e-coating, painting, welding and so on. International Chemical Products, a Huntsville, Alabama-based designer of pretreatment solutions, aims to reduce the amount of time and money finishers spend on surface prep and pretreatment by delivering a one-step solution, Picklex 20 One Step Metal Prep.

Picklex 20 is designed to be a one-step, water-based option for manufacturers that is environmentally safe and non-hazardous. According to the company, the product is capable of removing mill oil, cutting fluid and surface rust; providing a nano-thickness conversion coating; sealing the coating and stopping the oxidation process — all at the same time. The result is a rust- and contaminant-free surface with zero oxidation.

One-Step Metal Surface Preparation, Pretreatment

Picklex 20 is available in 16-ounce spray bottles up to 5-gallon pails. Photo Credit: International Chemical Products

According to Ranjit Sen, president of International Chemical Products, Picklex 20 solves most quality problems in the metal industries regarding rusting, as well as welding and adhesion failure. The product reportedly provides eight to 10 years of rust protection for indoor applications. Each gallon of Picklex 20 covers roughly 1600-square-feet of metal surfaces, and Sen claims that the unit cost to end users is only a few cents per square foot of coverage.

The advantages of using Picklex 20 over conventional pretreatments are numerous; the product can be applied to any ferrous or non-ferrous metal surfaces, including under high temperatures in epoxy coating and ceramic coating operations. Additionally, Picklex 20 eliminates the need for blasting in most applications, does not etch the metal surface while removing rust and scales, eliminates blasting in most applications and does not fall under any EPA, OSHA or DOT regulations.

Another key feature of Picklex 20 is that it comprises non-hazardous chemistry; the product is designed to replace acids, phosphates, chromate conversion coatings and wash primers that use chromate. In applications that require rinsing, the rinse water is said to be non-hazardous, and Sen says there is no waste disposal needed when using the product.

Picklex 20 delivers on International Chemical Products’ mission of eliminating hazardous and toxic chemicals present in metal surface preparation and pretreatment, while still providing equal or improved results. As Sen explains, “Picklex 20 can solve all the headaches from the metal surface preparation and, at the same time, save a lot of labor, time and cost.”

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