Pavco Grows Portfolio of Metal Finishing Technologies

Pavco Grows Portfolio of Metal Finishing Technologies

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Pavco Inc. continues to grow its diverse portfolio of metal finishing technologies tailored to meet the ever-increasing demands of industry, both domestically and abroad. With an emphasis on offering solutions for decorative hex-chrome alternatives and general metal finishing-compliant chemistries, Pavco has systems for alloys, zinc, nickel, chrome, copper and newly released conversion coatings.

One highlight is its zinc nickel alloy technology line. For alkaline processes, Ziniloy 3028 can meet the most demanding requirements. For chloride, NiClipse C provides unprecedented characteristics to include uniform alloy deposit throughout a wide current-density range for productivity and direct plating on cast iron substrates.

Pavco also has decorative trivalent chrome options with the chloride-based DecoTri system, Pavco’s dark trivalent system TriOnyx, sulfate-based Hexagone for rack and Hexagone Revolution for decorative barrel tri-chrome applications.

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