POWDERMET2018 call for papers

The MPIF has issued a call for papers of original and unpublished work for POWDERMET2018, the International Conference on Powder Metallurgy and Particulate Materials, taking place from 17-20 June 2018 in San Antonio, Texas, USA.

Authors with papers of addressing recent advances in the full spectrum of powder metallurgy (PM) and particulate materials technologies are invited to submit an abstract.

All submissions should clearly outline the results of the latest research, innovations, or improvements in PM processing or products.

The categories are:

  • Design and modeling of PM materials, components and processes
  • Particulate production
  • General compaction and forming processes
  • Powder injection molding (metals and ceramics)
  • Pre-sintering and sintering
  • Secondary operations
  • Materials
  • Refractory metals, carbides and ceramics
  • Advanced particulate materials and processes
  • Material properties
  • Test and evaluation
  • Applications
  • Management issues.

Abstracts are also sought for AMPM2018, the co-located conference which will focus on metal additive manufacturing (AM). Any abstracts related to metal AM should be submitted to this conference. While AMPM2018 is specifically seeking presentations, papers will also be accepted, and submitted papers will be eligible for the annual AMPM2018 Best Paper Award.

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