Process Solutions Specially Formulated for Metal Coil

Henkel offers a variety of process solutions for the metal coil industry, specially formulated for high-speed and continuous operation of manufacturing lines, as well as greater cost-efficiency and sustainability.

The Bonderite portfolio includes pickling inhibitors, added to hydrochloric or sulfuric acid to avoid over-pickling and provide a uniform surface for the next process step; cold-rolling oils, for lubrication resulting in high productivity and high sheet quality; cleaners, designed to remove grease, oil and metal fines from the sheet surface to prepare it for the next step; wet temper fluids, used to increase the life time of work rolls and provide corrosion protection for intermediate storage; surface treatment agents, preparing the substrate for reliable paint adhesion and adding corrosion protection; passivates, applied to galvanized sheet and tin plate products to avoid corrosion during storage and transport; and thin organic coatings, providing anti-fingerprint and other effective properties for decorative surfaces as well as improved weldability and forming.
According to the company, new product innovations are strongly focused on helping customers manage the process needs of next-generation alloys while meeting cost and regulatory challenges.

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