<div>Q8Oils' MM20 Removes Ferrous Contamination From Fluids</div>

Q8Oils’ MM20 Removes Ferrous Contamination From Fluids

<div>Q8Oils' MM20 Removes Ferrous Contamination From Fluids</div>

Photo Credit: Q8Oils

Q8Oils (New York, N.Y.) recently demonstrated the effectiveness of its Eclipse Magnetics MicroMag MM20 filtration solution on a project with Twiflex (Wichita Falls, Texas).

While Twiflex’s previous process for manufacturing industrial brake discs worked for the company, it was looking to improve the productivity of its grinding machine. Traditional filtration methods like paper filters offered an effective barrier against larger particles – but allowed smaller ferrous particles to pass through with the fluids, which led to significant reductions in tool life expectancy.

Q8Oils regularly installs Eclipse Magnetics products to its customers’ metalworking tools and offers advice and support to address metalworking cleanliness issues.

In this case, Q8Oils bolstered the filtration system of Twiflex’s grinding machine by combining its Berlioz XRS synthetic grinding fluid with an in-line Eclipse Magnetics MicroMag MM20. Q8Oils reports that the MicroMag’s high-intensity magnetic core and patented fluid flow path captured almost 100% of ferrous contamination from metalworking fluids, making it one of the most effective filtration methods on the market.

In one month of intermittent usage, the filter had caught over 2 kg of ferrous materials. Q8Oils also says that Twiflex has seen improvements to grinding stone life, with the frequency of grinding wheel dress largely extended. The company also reports fluid cleanliness improvements, which prevent “flecking” from fine debris caught between the wheel and the workpiece during grinding.

Q8Oils says the MM20 will maintain its effectiveness throughout its lifespan without losing intensity. The company also promises a quick return on investment between the elimination of filters or consumables and the reduction in scarp and reject rate. The range also boasts a compact and easy-clean design with a high-capacity collection that does not block the throughflow, impact the pressure or reduce the flow of the fluids.

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