Remote Monitoring for Range of Critical Applications

Remote Monitoring for Range of Critical Applications

Sensert system

Photo Credit: ATC Diversified

ATC Diversified Electronics, a leader in plant automation, motor protection, electrical safety and power quality, has introduced scalable technology that makes it possible to remotely monitor critical processes for a wide range of conditions. Sensert remote monitoring and alert system sets up easily, is affordable and uses existing sensors, which the company says means there’s no committing to costly, proprietary sensors.

A variety of sensors can be hardwired directly to the Sensert base unit or wirelessly connected via the Sensert remote I/O for true wireless, remote, online capability. Sensor data is monitored in real time and alerts are triggered based on customizable thresholds, easily configurable through the Sensert mobile app or web portal. Each channel can be configured for a high and low threshold value as well as custom alerts. Sensert reportedly works with any commercially available 0-20 milliamp, 4-20 milliamp, 0-5 V or 0-10 V sensors.

Sensert is engineered to monitor sensors in critical processes and provide alerts to the user in numerous environments. It can monitor a vast range of conditions including level, temperature, pressure, flow and current — as well as vibration, presence of voltage and others.

According to the company, the system can immediately impact multiple, diverse industries with endless potential applications within water/wastewater, agriculture, oil & gas, communications, manufacturing, electronics, medical, industrial, electricity, food & beverage and more.

Sensert is a modular approach to whole-plant remote process measurement and monitoring. It does so using any sensors in the appropriate milliamp/volt parameters, while offering true wireless, remote, online capability. Sensert is said to be an affordable option and is easy to set up. Users can go from the box to receiving data in less than an hour.

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