Rex-Cut’s Grinding Wheels Designed for Pipe Welding

Rex-Cut Abrasives’ line of alumina zirconia grinding wheels for pipe welding applications includes the velocity pipeliner and the velocity grinding wheel.

Velocity pipeliner

According to the company, the pipeliner is a rugged wheel designed to withstand the pressures of pipe beveling, smoothing flame cut edges and root pass grinding in the oil and gas pipeline industry. It is said the premium grain and hard bond blend give velocity long life and excellent wheel performance on stainless steel and high tensile alloys. The pipeliner is available in alumina zirconia 30 grit in 4-1/2” × 5/32” × 7/8” and 4-1/2” × 5/32” × 5/8-11. 

The velocity grinding wheel has a ¼”=thick version which the company says works for general fabrication applications such as heavy weld grinding, beveling hard steels, grinding casting parting lines or removing weld deposits.It is said the grinding wheel has a maximum stock removal rate balanced with extended wheel life on stainless steel and ferrous metals such as structural steel and iron. The grinding wheel is available in alumina zirconia 24 grit in 4-1/2” × 1/4” × 7/8” and 4-1/2” × 1/4” × 5/8-11.

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