Rösler TuneUp Service Modernizes Old Shot Blasting Machines

Rösler TuneUp Service Modernizes Old Shot Blasting Machines

Rösler TuneUp Service Modernizes Old Shot Blasting Machines

Photo Credit: Rösler

Rösler’s (Battle Creek, Mich.) TuneUp division specializes in custom retrofits that improve the quality, efficiency and capacity of old shot blasting machines. These upgrades also reduce operating costs and can adapt equipment to new legal technical standards. While retrofitting does not solve all the problems buying a new machine might, it is far more cost-effective.

TuneUp’s retrofit specialists check all makes of shot blasting equipment, analyzing them to see if they are candidates for retrofitting. If so, they develop a binding return-on-investment calculation to ensure customers’ investment security. Taking into account customers’ particular needs, TuneUp team leader Michael Motschenbacher says operations like a turbine exchange can result in a payback period of 12 – 15 months.

Rösler is particularly proud of its Gamma turbines, which have curved throwing blades in a “Y” design the company says increases efficiency enough to eliminate a shift, saves up to 25% of energy costs and – in conjunction with the correct wear material – lengthens service life up to 16 times that of traditional turbines. The company offers a cost-neutral trial run for these turbines, allowing customers to test them without making a firm commitment. 

Rösler also suggests these turbines could help shops meet DIN EN ISO 50001 certification, and the costs of modernization could be partially covered under energy-efficiency aid programs.

Other equipment modernizations TuneUp offers include a magnetic separator to reduce wear rate in foundries using sand casting, an automatic dosing system for injecting a specially developed additive that prevents legionella contamination (in accordance with German federal regulations), an automatic media replenishment system and a variety of custom part redesigns.

The company says that with shot blasting equipment going under-utilized in the current economic situation, now is a good time for owners to consider modernization possibilities for their equipment.

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