Safechem Dualene 1601 S Marks First Pure Modified Alcohol

Safechem Dualene 1601 S Marks First Pure Modified Alcohol

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Safechem (Duesseldorf, Germany) has introduced its next-generation modified alcohol Dualene 1601 S, which the company says demonstrates exceptional results for ensuring process stability in high-precision metal cleaning. Safechem says Dualene 1601 S is the first pre-stabilized, pure and virgin-grade modified alcohol on the market for a wide range of metal-cleaning applications.

Process stability is key to ensuring successful cleaning with modified alcohols. However, Safechem says, outsourcing trends in the supply chain and changing formulations of manufacturing oils give rise to uncertainties around the origins and types of contaminants entering the cleaning machine, as well as sources of acids. This uncertainty can pose a threat to the stability of the cleaning process.

Safechem says Dualene 1601 S’ built-in alkalinity buffer can bolster process stability at the start of the cleaning process and improve process safety for all applications. The company particularly recommends Dualene for demanding operations with high stability requirements. This includes operations like cleaning off chlorinated oils, which can form hydrochloric acids that corrode critical metal parts; operations involving high amounts of reactive metal particles like aluminum, iron, copper and zinc, which can increase the formation of acids in the machine; and operations that clean off unknown contaminants, such as in contract cleaning.

The company also says Dualene 1601 S’ polar and non-polar properties can clean off lubricant greases, polar oil additives and corrosion inhibitors as effectively as moist emulsion residues. Safechem says the cleaning result is comparable with Dowclene 1601, the company’s long-standing reference product in the metal cleaning industry.

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