Sames Kremlin Announces New Disposable Cups

Sames Kremlin Announces New Disposable Cups

Sames Kremlin (Plymouth, Mich.) has announced the launch of a new manual Airspray FPro Gravity, GSP, and Smart Cups disposable cups.  The FPro Gravity is available in HVLP, LVLP and Conventional technologies to meet the needs of customer applications.  The GSP gun is available as an add-on kit or fully assembled for high viscosity types of products.

The cups are designed for high spraying quality.  Due to patented Vortex technology, the FPro Gravity delivers very fine atomization and an even spray pattern that covers and penetrates recessed areas while delivering a flat spray pattern without the blotchy effect. The company states that operators will appreciate the lightweight gun, comfortable shape of the body, and a redesigned center of gravity.  

Smart Cups are the new range of disposable cups from Sames Kremlin.  This system is designed to boost the productivity of painters by not wasting time to clean the cup, and less paint loss and solvent consumption. They are compatible with all the guns and available in a variety of sizes.

The sealed assembly of the lid is designed for painting in all directions while working in tight spaces without the risk of leaking material.  The cups are designed with a round shape making them accessible to mix, spray and store material in the same cup.

The stir stick fits closely to the curved liner to create a vortex effect for proper paint mixing.   During the application, the liner can collapse due to suction to check the paint level. At the end of painting, the cups can be disposed of without the fear of spilling. 


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