Technic Unveils Safer Bright Tin Plating Process

Technic Unveils Safer Bright Tin Plating Process

Technic Unveils Safer Bright Tin Plating Process

Photo Credit: Technic

Technic Italgalvano (Lodi Vecchio, Italy) has released Techni Eco BT 2, a new bright tin plating process for industrial and decorative applications. The company says the main innovation of this process is the total absence of substances that are subject to the Authorization List under the REACH regulation, such as nonylphenols. Using materials free from “Substances of Very High Concern” (SVHC) is an advantage for manufacturers since substances classified as SVHC can eventually be added to the Authorization list, which may severely limit or prohibit their use.

Another advantage of Techni Eco BT 2 is that it does not contain any carcinogenic substances, making it compliant with the REACH regulation and, most importantly, drastically reducing the risks to human health.

In addition to reduced environmental impact, this process offers excellent performance, thanks to its ability to operate within a wide current density range, making it extremely flexible during production.

“We are seeing a growing number of customers who are interested in processes that are completely free from carcinogenic substances,” says Giorgio Stabilini, Managing Director at Technic Italgalvano.  

He explains, “To meet their needs, our R&D department has developed Techni Eco BT 2, a safer, more sustainable acid tin plating process. The launch of this product is part of our 40 Plus: Green Generation project, born after Technic Italgalvano’s 40th year of activity, which aims to create a new generation of products that offer excellent product performance while improving the sustainability of plating processes.”

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