Tri-Mer Offers Stainless Steel Dust Collector Version


Tri-Mer stainless steel MCD whirl wet dust collector

Tri-Mer Corp.’s all-stainless steel version of its Whirl Wet dust collector is a modular conveyor dragout (MCD) system that was engineered for facilities with high dust loadings or that operate continuously. The MCD Whirl Wet is said to efficiently isolate particulate. According to the company, when collected dust reaches a set point, the collection module is dragged out and replaced with an empty collection module, allowing operation (as well as routine maintenance) to continue without interruption. The company says the unit can collect virtually all dusts over 3 microns, whether or not the dusts are volatile. The units have no internal moving parts, are self-cleaning and said to be highly energy efficient, with low water use. Capacities range from 1,000 to 60,000 cfm and can be supplied alone or with ducting to one or multiple sources.