Tri-Mer Reduces Air Pollution Control From Finishing Processes


Tri-Mer air pollution control is said to produce compliant stack, less housekeeping, higher productivity and less corrosion on buildings and equipment.

The most challenging finishing emissions the company solves are HNO3 droplets, as well as NO/NO2 gas-phase contaminants.

Tri-Mer’s packed towers scrubbers reportedly control inorganic fumes, gases and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) at 90% or more efficiencies, as well as guarantee against brown plume. The systems accommodate multiple gas streams, and advantages include low pressure drop, high mass-transfer efficiency and low lifecycle cost.

The company says its all-mechanical fan/separator is an excellent alternative among finishers who process with SO2. It reportedly is 99% efficient in removing 20 or more micron droplets under continuous duty.

In addition, the company’s whirl/wet dust collector features low water/power demand, high efficiency and 24/7 capability. 

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