Updated Blast Cabinet Designed to Eliminate Forklift Damage

Titan Abrasive Systems, a designer and manufacturer of quality surface preparation, surface finishing and sandblasting equipment, has updated its blast cabinet with new lifting bars. According to the company, this new addition virtually eliminates the chance of forklift damage occurring to the cabinet. The bars are slid into the structural steel frame before lifting the cabinet, which gives the forklift a secure hold and keeps the tines away from the vulnerable cone.

Titan blast cabinets come standard with two rigid, steel-channel, double-panel doors with a knife edge. Lift-off hinges are designed to enable fast on-off door removal compared to traditional welded hinges. In addition, full-opening doors reportedly maximize the work chamber capacity and ease loading of larger parts. The self-adjusting dual door is also capable of locking at two points, which Titan says creates a dust-free seal.

Other Titan blast cabinet features include an LED window frame light to aid visibility while blasting, bolt-in floor supports that make it simple to replace worn supports and the metal floor and 100% electrical controls. The cabinets also include a customizable control panel, easy-change gloves and a moveable foot pedal.

Additionally, the Titan blast cabinet line includes a small cartridge dust collector designed specifically for blast cabinet use, an adjustable Media Reclaim System with a wear plate and a three cubic-foot pressure vessel with 1 ¼” piping.

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