Uyemura’s Galvanic Rhodium Alloy Improves Durability

Uyemura’s Rhoduna-Alloy 1 is the first galvanic rhodium alloy, formulated from rhodium and ruthenium. It saves 25% when compared to pure rhodium, the company says. Rhodium coatings have improved durability with deposits being crack-free up to 1 μm. Platinum-ruthenium 75/25 alloys are an alternative to palladium, while rhodium-platinum 50/50 alloys are suitable for jewelry and decorative pieces. For HF applications, Miralloy 2851 is an alternative to silver, palladium and nickel and is suitable as a diffusion barrier layer. NIPHOS electrolytic nickel is said to deliver a bright RoHS finish with corrosion properties equal to electroless nickel.

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