Walmec’s 0.01-Micron SuperStar Filter

Walmec’s 0.01-Micron SuperStar Filter

Walmec SuperStar Filter

The 0.01-micron Superstar filter from Walmec is designed to provide clean, dry compressed air, removing any vapors and contaminates down to 0.01 microns.

According to Walmec North America, the 0.1-micron SuperStar filter is a four-stage filtration system that has a 0.01 rating with flow ranges of 50 SCFM, 75 SCFM or 100 SCFM. It can handle pressure ratings of up to 250 PSI and works best when installed at or near the point of use.

The first and second stage filters remove moisture, liquids, dust, rust, scale and other contaminants to 5 microns. An automatic float drain under the second-stage filter opens and expels collected liquids whenever an ounce or more is present. According to the company, it is fully automatic with no continuous air loss. The third- and fourth-stage filters remove any remaining particles down to 0.01 microns and absorb any remaining vapors.

The 0.01-micron Superstar filter includes a differential pressure gauge and comes with mounting brackets. The differential pressure gauge provides a visual indication of required maintenance, which is done by installing the appropriate service kit. According to Walmec, it does not require removing the unit from the compressed air system.

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