X-Rite, Pantone Launch Cloud-Based Color Management Platform

X-Rite, Pantone Launch Cloud-Based Color Management Platform

Photo Credit: X-Rite Incorporated

X-Rite Incorporated and Pantone LLC, global leaders in color science and technology, announce the launch of X-Rite Link. This intuitive cloud-based platform provides real-time insights into color measurement device health. Customers can reportedly monitor their entire fleet from one central dashboard to reduce manual management, optimize performance and streamline the servicing process.

“Achieving consistent and accurate color in production requires well-maintained instrumentation,” says Ben Spiegel, global services innovation manager, X-Rite. “X-Rite Link provides corporations with data-driven insights into fleet performance, even across multiple locations, to maximize efficiencies and reduce color errors. With visibility into device calibration, location, certification, maintenance and much more, managers can have confidence in every measurement.”

X-Rite Link features up-to-date status on each color measurement device including certification, warranty and service care plans; a map of device locations; monthly calibration reports; live updates and tracking for service requests; and access to past service records.

Using X-Rite Link, customers can track NetProfiler optimization and inter-instrument agreement across their devices to maintain peak performance. NetProfiler is a blend of software and physical color standards that is said to make it easy to adjust, validate and align multiple devices for tighter color tolerances and improved global color consistency across the supply chain. X-Rite Link enables users to see fleet statistics over time or drill down into an individual device, which helps identify devices that may drift over time and require servicing.

X-Rite Link is now available for all X-Rite color measurement devices.

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